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Playing together for a healthy planet

Discover our new range of products
in “100% recycled plastic”

As our toys are focused on the healthy development of our children, we feel equally responsible for the future of the environment that our children are growing up in

Geomag Magicube
Full Color Recycled

Yet another step forward for our revolutionary magnetic construction system Magicube: building blocks made from 100% recycled plastic.
Powerful magnets and our unique “click”, quality materials, strong constructions, great colours: 100% Geomag!
Even our transparent packaging is 80% regenerated PET.

Full Color 8

Full Color 16

Full Color 24

Full Color 64

Geomag Classic

The highest standards of environmental sustainability for Geomag’s Classic magnetic construction system.
Magnetic rods, panels and the bases made using 100% recycled plastic.
Powerful magnets, quality materials, strong constructions, great colours: 100% Geomag.
Yet another amazing novelty: our new storage box, a practical, durable, pocket-sized box for the rods and spheres – naturally in 100% recycled plastic.
Our cardboard boxes also have a high percentage of recycled materials.

Classic 25

Classic 42

Classic 60

Classic 93

Classic 142

Geomag Classic Panels

Classic Panels 35

Classic Panels 52

Classic Panels 78

Classic Panels 114

Classic Panels 200

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The original magnetic construction toy since 1998






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