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The original magnetic construction toy since 1998


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Back to School: Geomag’s Educational Impact on Children

Back to School: Geomag’s Educational Impact on Children

Now that children are fully back-to-school, parents and educators are keen on providing tools that supercharge children's cognitive development and set them on a path to academic excellence. Geomagworld renowned for their magnetic construction sets, emerge as dynamic...

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Playing together for a healthy planet

Welcome to Geomagworld

Our planet needs us all to make a consolidated effort to reduce the environmental impact of our products and our factories and we at Geomag want to continue to play a leading role in finding solutions to these issues.

100% Recycled Plastic

We are very aware that today more than ever, innovation must go hand in hand with two fundamental priorities: minimising the impact on the natural environment and max-imising the social benefits as much as possible.

Swiss Made

Geomagworld SA is a Swiss company and all our products are made at our factory in Canton Ticino. Creating products at our headquarters allows us to guarantee the highest standards of quality and sustainability.