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The new sets of the Geomag classic and Classic Panels lines come with a brandnew feature: all sets include one or more storage boxes where to safely keep your steel spheres and magnetic rods 

We believe this upgrade will make the playing experience better both for kids and for parents, here’s why: 

  • Children will be able to bring their toys to playdates and learn to share! Sharing is a very important life skill. It’s something that helps toddlers and children make and keep friendscreate new bonds and play cooperatively. 
  • Nothing can be better than having your favorite toy during a long trip or a vacationBringing Geomag around can be a screen free alternative for keeping children busy while on the go 
  • After hours of playing, reordering toys can be a real hassle. Some parents struggle to teach this responsibility to their children and end up cleaning up and storing toys themselves. The Geomag new storage box is easy and fun to fill, so reordering will become part of the fun, and the risk of losing some of your Geomag rods and spheres will be reduced 
  • Finally, as we have made an effort to make our new Geomag lines out of 100% recycled plastic, the storage boxes are also made from recycled plastic and reflect our commitment to reducing plastic consumption. 



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