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The Magnetic Gift Your Kids Won’t Put Down This Christmas

Christmas is an unending challenge for parents, looking to come up with the perfect gift for their kids. Whilst for children, the “perfect gift” may have endless meanings, for adults, the idea is to offer gifts that are both fun and exciting but also educational. Of course, it’s nice for your child to play, but wouldn’t it be cool if they could get the same amount of fun while also learning something new? A gift that plants the seed of a lifelong passion; now there is the perfect gift.

Geomagworld offers a wide range of toys that expose children to basic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) concepts all whilst playing and building.

At their core, Geomag sets are educational toys that are designed to avoid the traditional dullness of learning. That’s what makes the Geomag construction sets especially enticing because they don’t come across as your typical “learning toys.” Geomag sets are, first and foremost, enjoyable and colourful construction toys that allow your child to express their creativity while also (sometimes unwittingly) teaching them new concepts.

Geomagworld has 3 different magnetic platforms: Magicube, Geomag and Mechanics. Magnetic construction begins at an early age with the Magicube Full Color and Shapes sets, designed for ages 1 to 5. They are for perfectly designed for junior builders, and each pack has colourful magnetic building blocks to introduce your child to basic magnetic concepts while also doubling as a simple building block set. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it lets your child be creative.

As your little one grows older, their Christmas gifts will need to evolve. Enter the Classic Geomag sets. These sets are tailored to suit the needs of ages 3+, introducing more exciting building opportunities. Packed with colourful magnetic rods and spheres, they are addictive, and each set can be expanded, meaning designs are limitless.

With Geomag, the sky really becomes the limit. You’ve got Geomag Panels (with magnetic panels allowing the child more building versatility), Glow (powered by natural sunlight, these building rods glow in the dark), and Glitter (self-evident, we’d say, and super sparkly). Some of these are designed for ages 3 and up, while others move on to 5. One thing remains certain for both age groups; they’re all tremendous fun, using colourful, exciting design patterns to educate children on fundamental STEAM principles.

What makes Geomag sets a unique and inspired Christmas gift is that they’re not a one-time gift. With many Christmas toys, the child often plays with it for a matter of weeks but come spring, the gift has been all played out and abandoned. While it’s natural for children, particularly young children, to bore easily, it can be immensely frustrating as a parent to see your child stop playing with their gift after such a short period. With the cost-of-living crisis and increase in household bills, now more than ever it’s important to make sure every purchase is valued and used fully by your children.

Thankfully, that isn’t an issue with the Geomagworld construction sets. With such an amazing variety of available designs and unlimited building opportunities it’s unlikely that your child will get bored with their Geomag Christmas gift. Each set is built to last, can expand, and can be passed down to younger siblings as they grow. Finally, a toy that is for life, not just for Christmas.

To put it simply, Geomag toys teach your children STEAM and help them on a journey of building their confidence, skills, and ideas. That’s why your kids will simply love them this Christmas.