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On the occasion of the World Energy Saving Day aimed at re-evaluating our lifestyles and production processes at company level, Geomag reflects on the steps taken so far and on those still to be taken in terms of reducing waste that it uses for the production of its magnetic toys. 

For some years now, we have decided to adopt the circular economy philosophy, overcoming the linear economy scheme, which is unsustainable at an economic, social and environmental level. Our company began 8 years ago to reduce its environmental impact by using 100% renewable energy sources, with the aim of eliminating the use of fossil energies. 

Since 2012, our Headquarters use 100% renewable energy from Swiss hydroelectric plants for both the production process of Geomag toys and for offices. This choice has greatly reduced our C02 footprint, but it’s not over yet… over the years we have designed our economy as an ecosystem by developing responsible production and consumption. 

At Geomag, energy saving is not viewed as an activity, destined to be completed,  but as an approach aimed at being consolidated over time: we are currently studying other energy efficiency measures, such as more efficient heating and lighting systems.  

We understand the economy as an ecosystem: what is produced and how it is produced are two very important aspects of it.

It is equally fundamental to start virtuous collaborations, when we talk about resources we also mean human ones.  

We have always carefully chosen our suppliers from among the most virtuous in the sector, evaluating them on the basis of proximity to our company and compliance with our values ​​of safety, quality, sustainability and ethics.  

Today, as in the future, we renew our commitment to build a brighter future by choosing our planet once again.