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International Women’s Day

5 Inspiring Women Who Changed the World

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on 8th March each year, to honour the incredible achievements of female trailblazers throughout history. Geomagworld has found 5 inspirational females who have revolutionized the world with their astounding brilliance. Let’s take inspiration from their stories to reach our goals and inspire others to do the same, even small contributions can create a huge impact in today’s society.


Dr. Mária Telkes is often seen as a pioneer in the field of solar energy. She has used her ingenious approach to harnessing the sun’s power, which is today known as modern solar cell technology, to create a revolutionary way of providing electricity to people everywhere. Her accomplishments not only changed how we use solar energy, but also inspired generations of engineers and scientists to take up innovative projects that can make our world more sustainable. Geomagworld creates 100% renewable energy from hydropower and if it wasn’t for Dr Maria Telkes, sustainable energy solutions might not even be explored.


Geomag proudly aim to be more sustainable, in the last year we reduced our carbon emissions by 29%, whilst we have ambitions to reduce that even further. We all have a duty to raise awareness and be sustainable and Greta Thunberg is an iconic figure when it comes to women’s sustainability efforts. She has made significant contributions to the sustainability movement by fighting for policy change and raising awareness among her peers. Her unwavering commitment to combatting climate change has made her a global leader in the fight for environmental protection and climate justice. As such, she serves as an inspiration to everyone looking to make a difference and contributes towards a greener future for generations to come.


At Geomag 54% of our employees are female and managerial roles are held by 50% female. Our approach is clear, we strive for equality and zero discrimination. Whatever race, gender or age no one is excluded. The efforts of Mary Jackson see her positioned as an unsung hero of the African American community. She was the first female Black engineer to work for NASA, and her pioneering work helped advance science and shape the future of aerospace engineering. Despite facing various levels of adversity at a time when racial and gender discrimination were prevalent, she managed to break through these boundaries and move forward with her dreams. Mary achieved her dreams of becoming a great scientist who made important contributions to humanity. Her career was marked by achievements such as engineering human research aircrafts and pushing the field of aeronautics forward. Mary Jackson’s story inspires us all to push through challenges no matter what they may be.

STEM & Coding

Geomag is STEM.org certified, which means all our toys ae educational and have the key principles of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths. Today most jobs have one of these elements, and learning the principles of coding is found in Geomag’s sets including the mechanics and gravity kits. Without pioneering computer programmer Grace Hopper, our lives would be drastically different. Have you ever typed a command on your computer? We can all thank her for making it possible.

A mathematician and US Navy Rear Admiral, Grace devoted her life to revolutionizing computing technology and promoting the use of computers in everyday life. She was a key innovator in the development of programming languages, creating technologies that are still relevant today. By developing user-friendly computer programming languages and creating tools like COBOL, Grace significantly advanced the capabilities of computing systems and made programs within reach for everyone.


We take it for granted in the western world, but Geomag is committed to helping children play and learn, whatever background. To date Geomag has given away more than 100,000 toys for free to children from poorer backgrounds across the world. This means, every child can learn. Whilst these initiatives help educate across the world there is one woman who has made this a lifelong focus.

Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her fight for the right of every child to receive an education. She was born in the Swat Valley in Pakistan. When the Islamic Taliban movement took control of the valley in 2008, girls’ schools were burned down. Malala kept a diary of the events, which was published in 2009 by BBC Urdu. In her diary she spoke out against the Taliban’s terrorist regime. An American documentary film made Malala internationally famous. It was not long before the Taliban threatened her life. On her 16th birthday she spoke in the United Nations. In her speech Malala called for the equal right to education for girls all over the world and became a symbol of this cause.