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On January 24 2022, the International Day of Education is celebrated for the fourth year, the theme of which is “Changing course, transforming education”

Message from the Director-general of the UNESCO

“In these exceptional times, business as  usual is  no longer  an option.  If we are to transform the future, if we are to change course, we must rethink education.”

Our company has always been committed to guaranteeing fair, quality and inclusive education to children who risk being excluded from it, through social projects to support realities that are experiencing difficulties both in Europe and overseas as in our Schoolheroes project and offering fun but at the same time educational products.

For us at Geomag, playing and having fun are fundamental learning tools. In our Geomag Education project, we have designed unique activities with products intended for a wide range of classes, with the aim of encouraging and reinforcing positive learning and creating enthusiastic students.

Our platforms: Geomag Classic, Magicube and Mechanics focus on creative and educational play suitable for all ages, encouraging logical thinking and problem solving skills, developing manual skills and coordination, increasing social and communication skills.

Geomag products have received STEAM certification, for the interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics that allows children to learn how to apply this knowledge to real life experiences.

Education is a human right. As underlined in the UNESCO World Report “Futures of Education”, to change the future it is necessary to stipulate a new social contract for education: today, as every day, our effort will focus on building a more just and sustainable future considering the development and growth of all children.

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