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Everything that you cannot find elsewhere!

In the Geomag Boutique you can buy all the cubes, magnetic rods, steel balls and panels that you need in order to turn your ideas into reality.
You will also find a selection of special products and the Education product line.

A selection of exclusive products

  • Geomag Magicube 8pcs

  • Geomag BOX 24pcs

  • Geomag Classic Supercolor Recycled 93 pcs

  • Geomag Classic Supercolor Panels Recycled 114 pcs

  • Sale!

    Bundle Geomag Classic Glitter Panels Recycled (3 Boxes)

    93.00 83.70
  • Sale!

    Bundle Geomag Classic Glow Recycled (3 Boxes)

    100.00 90.00
  • Sale!

    Bundle Geomag Magicube Shapes Recycled (4 Boxes)

    132.00 99.00
  • Sale!

    Bundle Geomag Pro-L Panels(3 Boxes)

    169.00 118.30
  • Sale!

    Bundle Geomag Magicube Box+Word+Maths

    140.00 119.00
  • Sale!

    Bundle Geomag Classic Supercolor Recycled (3 Boxes)

    220.00 176.00
  • Geomag Geometry Lab Small

  • Geomag Magicube 128 pcs green



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