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Magnetic Modular by Kaufman


  • 16 magnetic cubes
  • Multiple combination possibilities
  • Frame included to display your artwork
  • Free your creativity and invention

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The Modular series, created exclusively by urban artist KAUFMAN (1975, Hitchin, UK) for Geomag Cube Art, takes its inspiration from the essential patterns of town cobblestones: the circle, the line and the square. The eight figures resulting from Kaufman’s urban research are displayed in an unconventional artistic medium: 16 magnetic cubes which can be manipulated, structured and rearranged with multiple possibilities.

In line with the constructivist avant-garde of the last century, KAUFMAN’s work seeks to break down the boundaries between art and everyday life, bringing into question its authorship, the passivity of the spectator and the moral and monetary sacralisation of art. The creative process is based on a playful relationship with the environment, incorporating an element of chance, without ever fully culminating since the works are placed in the public sphere and require interaction with the public. Like building games for children, Modular starts with basic geometries and colours to reproduce, understand or reinvent the world.

In collaboration with KAUFMAN, Geomag Cube Art is renewing its commitment to accessible and playful art for collectors aged 0 to 99. Modular is a serialised work but eschews seriousness, remaining an artistic object and a game. Come, see, touch and have fun.