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Family Box: Magnetic Theatre 42 pcs + Classic Supercolor Recycled 93 pcs

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Magnetic Theatre 42 pcs:

Magnetic cubes, magnets that attract each other on all sides, improves manual dexterity, STEM learning approach , educational game

Geomag Classic Supercolor Panels Recycled 114 pcs:

Magnetic rods, steel spheres and interlocking panels, STEM learning approach, infinite 2d/3d constructions, improves concentration


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Magicube is the Geomagworld range of products that has revolutionised the junior construction category.
This innovative game is a construction system made up of magnetic cubes that attract on each other on all six sides. By exploiting the magical and invisible properties of magnetism, children can let their imagination run wild and create colourful 3D models. Now you can choose individual boxes of cubes and bring your creations to life without limits: Magicube evolves and takes shape thanks to your imagination.

The magnetic rods, steel spheres and panels in various forms comprise the magnetic construction system that has made Geomag famous around the world. These simple elements and the magic of magnetism make it possible to build infinite 3D structures, unleashing creativity and imagination while playing.

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