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Family Box: Mechanics Motion 3 Gears 160 pcs + Classic Supercolor Recycled 93 pcs

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Geomag Mechanics Motion 3 Gears 160 pcs:

Mechanical elements within the constructions, chain reactions from the magnetic attraction, Magnetic cannon, Elevator, Gravity motor, STEM learning approach, Improves concentration

Geomag Classic Supercolor Panels Recycled 114 pcs:

Magnetic rods, steel spheres and interlocking panels, STEM learning approach, infinite 2d/3d constructions, improves concentration

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Mechanics is the construction platform that combines the forces of magnetism with a world of mechanical construction, to stimulate creativity, inventiveness and ingenuity. In addition to the classic magnetic rods and steel spheres, Geomag Mechanics adds mechanical elements within the constructions, expanding the play possibilities: some parts of the structures are able to rotate, triggering chain reactions from the magnetic attraction and repulsion. In 2018 the innovative Mechanics Gravity platform was launched, consisting of a series of incredible solutions that harness the forces of gravity and magnetism and set the Mechanics models in motion.

Playing with Geomag means knowing and mastering the invisible forces of nature. With the help of Geomag magnets, you will learn to use gravity to turn your own magical motor, running the spheres up and down the track, all built by you. Collect the Mechanics Gravity line and the laws of physics will have no more secrets for you!

The magnetic rods, steel spheres and panels in various forms comprise the magnetic construction system that has made Geomag famous around the world. These simple elements and the magic of magnetism make it possible to build infinite 3D structures, unleashing creativity and imagination while playing.

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