The challenge of the French Tv


The lead actors Agathe, David and Laurent from the famous program on the channel France5, immersed themselves in a brand new challenge equipped with patience, meticulousness and above all else, Geomag. The result was a skyscraper-like construction fit for a King Kong movie, constructed entirely with Geomag. A genius construction, but is it stable? David the scientist, tested the strength of the build, whilst Agathe called on the help of dear James, the tester of excellence to ascertain if it was a solid and stable construction. After hundreds of hours already passed to build the structure, the tower was over six foot and was ready to challenge gravity and the weight of the fearless Laurent, who would attempt to reach the top of the impressive magnetic construction.  Did he manage without destroying the construction?

…As always, the strength of Geomag does not let anyone down.