Oh, my blog!


Our Geomag KOR toys have been making a splash online, thanks to some interesting reviews on different blogs around the web. The bloggers reviewed the toys very thoroughly, often with the help of their children. The results are fascinating, an insight into how the KOR toys are seen by children and parents as they discover their infinite transformations. If you want to know more about the KOR range, just ask them - they're the real experts now!

Mammamodellobase: https://youtu.be/8CqugWZelws
Spielzeugwelten  https://youtu.be/MwuyCyU1nvs  
JuLu2.0  https://youtu.be/RQCOByZvtf8
JULIAN ChannelHD  Kids https://youtu.be/XzlsOAU7YGI
Super Heros Et Compagnie Jouets https://youtu.be/JaicHuwQc_g