Geomag partners with the Triennale Design Museum


Geomagworld is the technical partner for “Giro Giro Tondo. Design for Children”, now in its tenth edition at the Triennale Design Museum. The theme for this year is the history of Design for Children from the start of the 20th century up to the present day.

The items selected by Geomagworld allow everyone, young and old, to develop their creativity and imagination by playing with some of the laws of physics.

Thanks to simple elements such as rods, steel spheres and small cubes, and by applying the principles of magnetism, endless and awe-inspiring creations can be designed and built. At the Triennale of Milan two “architectural” installations and exhibits will be proposed, symbolising the perfect fusion between play, creativity and design.


Santiago Stockholm Tower is a 260-cm tall tower, made up of 4226 magnetic rods, 1628 spheres and 3098 panels. The installation is built with Geomag Classic, the construction system with magnetic rods and steel spheres that launched the Geomag brand worldwide. Thanks to these simple elements, bigger and more stable constructions can be created without limits to imagination. 


The second installation puts Magicube to the forefront: a brand-new construction system that has revolutionized the classic game of cubes and made it magical. The cubes have six magnetic faces and can be attached by any side, which results in surprising and easy to make structures. The colourful magnetic cubes will be arranged side by side to form a proper castle.


Triennale website: http://www.triennale.org/design_museum/tdm10-giro-giro-tondo-design-for-children/

Watch the building video of “Santiago Stockholm Tower”